Cece Cord and Tiger

Cece Cord and Tigerand not Tiger Woods but her dog Tiger, a cute Yorkshire Terrier that looks kinda like a cross between a bear and a dog to me.  Cece Cord is socialite and ex-wife to Barry Cord and has a luxury line of accessories and clothing called Travels with Tiger.  You can dress your pampered pup with $200 doggie sweaters and make sure they sleep well on $700 beds.  Looking for her boutique items? You’ll have to shop at Bergdof Goodman’s where her items are exclusively located.


July 2, 2006. Sightings.


  1. penny newman replied:

    Can you please forward this to Cece. I have two cashmere red sweaters with a black and white kitten wearing a necktie in plaid. I need one more medium one for a new puppy I own. Do you have a number where she can be reached because Bergdorf’s no longer carries the clothing line. Thanks

  2. d.b. replied:

    penny…..i think i’m going to be sick.

  3. d.b. replied:

    i can’t imagine how distraught you must be…not being able to find a sweater for your puppy.

    • Cynthia replied:

      d.b. I can’t imagine how envious you must be of Penny that you actually had to leave not one, but TWO replies.

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