Kimora’s Dog Gets No Attention

Kimora Lee Simmons at Her Fabulosity Book SigningWhile at the book signing of her new book Fabulosity, Kimora Lee Simmons was spotted carrying a cute black dog and I’m sure no one cared.  I know I wouldn’t have noticed the dog at all if I was in person at her book signing, I think she is so gorgeous and those legs go on and on and on and on and…

Anyone know what kind of dog she has or its name?


July 2, 2006. Book Signings, Kimora Lee Simmons.


  1. Marcy replied:

    It’s a pomeranian. I don’t know it’s name… Would like to know it though…

  2. Marcy replied:

    it’s name is zoe

  3. stephanie replied:

    she macthes with the dog but I hate dogs but shes still faboulous

  4. rochelle replied:

    she looks cute with the little dog. you go kimmy

  5. melissa replied:

    her dogs name is mingchinglee

  6. zawadi replied:

    fc hgf jhgj fgfchjgh

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