Spa Treatments are not Just for Humans

Spa Puppy BasketI just know if celebrities get star treatment they must do the same for their dogs, right?  Lucky for us, we can give luxury spa treatments to our own furry friends thanks to the cutest little bone-shaped basket filled with extravagant items to pamper your pooch like all-natural shampoo, between-baths spritzes, soaps, scented candles (not sure if dogs can appreciate an ambiance but okkkk), a sponge and a rubber duck – so your dog can splash and make a mess (you might want to leave that thing out of the basket).   Think that sounds good?  Keep reading:  there are also essential oils that help to repel bugs that have aromatherapy benefits.  They’ve thought of everything!  One treatment like this for your canine and they’ll be barking for 1000-thread count sheets for the doggy bed.

Shop here:  Cain and Able


July 12, 2006. Products.

One Comment

  1. stanleytitus replied:

    I have the same like mattress which give my sleep very nice, i have great time with the night time, i like to sleep on it , but now you have introduced 1000 thread count sheet, it was also amazing in all models thank you.

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