Lucy Liu Fends Off the Rain

Lucy Liu filing Watching the Detectivesfor her and her co-star, the pretty chocolate Labrador, while on the set of her new movie, Watching the Detectives.  Filming is taking place in Brooklyn, New York. Does anyone know the name of the dog?

P.S. I love that umbrella and the top too actually.

Credit:  People 


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Where’s Frasier and Eddie?

Bebe Neuwirth and FontinaSo sue me, I can’t help it! Whenever I see a picture of Bebe Neuwirth, I think of her as Lilith, the dry, sarcastic and stone-faced lady she played on Cheers and Frasier. Ooh! –Twilight Zone memory–, on Fraisier, wasn’t his publicist named Bebe? WEIRD! Here she is at the Broadway Barks 8! A Star-Studded Dog and Cat Adopt-A-Thonthat was on July 08, 2006 with a cute little pup named Fontina.

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Cece Cord and Tiger

Cece Cord and Tigerand not Tiger Woods but her dog Tiger, a cute Yorkshire Terrier that looks kinda like a cross between a bear and a dog to me.  Cece Cord is socialite and ex-wife to Barry Cord and has a luxury line of accessories and clothing called Travels with Tiger.  You can dress your pampered pup with $200 doggie sweaters and make sure they sleep well on $700 beds.  Looking for her boutique items? You’ll have to shop at Bergdof Goodman’s where her items are exclusively located.

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Sincerely Ward at BET Awards

Sincerely WardI had no clue as to who Sincerely Ward was when I ran across this photo but I did a little research, she’s an actress from Ontario and relocated with her family to Atlanta, Georgia.  She’s a tall girl, 5’11” and has appeared in the movies 2 Fast 2 Furious and Bad Boys 2.  I saw Bad Boys 2 and I don’t remember her. Whoops, sorry Sincerely but you *are* stunning, I’ll remember you from now on.  I don’t know anything about her dog though, does anyone else?  That little green shirt it has on is killing me. 

Source:  BET Awards Show

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